Project: Devo

Fifa is a collection of sublime furniture modules that allow for any configuration in the bathroom. By combining white and natural wood colours, available in three shades, the furniture acquires an extraordinary elegance.

It is complemented by a simple shape and original shelf and cupboard solutions reminiscent of living room furniture. The non-aggressive style of the furniture allows for other creative solutions in the bathroom, such as complementing the décor with artwork.

collection colors:

elements in the collection

Hanging upper pillar

one door, glass shelves
Width 450 mm
Height 750 mm
Depth 249 mm

Hanging lower pillar

one door, glass shelves
Width 450 mm
Height 750 mm
Depth 249 mm


Width 452 mm
Height 210 mm
Depth 250 mm

Top for lower pillar

Dimensions for Arctic White HG F01
(W x H x D)
453x30x255 mm
Dimensions for laminated particle board P__
(W x H x D)
453x36x255 mm


without lighting
Width 710 mm
Height 870 mm
Depth 36 mm

LED Lighting 3,6W

for mirror
Width 330 mm

LED Lighting 7,2W

for mirror
Width 660 mm

Cabinet for washbasin

hanging, one drawer
(worktop can be made to order)
Width 1300/1400/
1500 mm
Height 409 mm
Depth 440 mm

Ceramic washbasin

Width 700 mm
Height 130 mm
Depth 410 mm

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